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  • Ballistic Leggings Shin Guards Level IIIA

    Protector Plus Series – Easy and comfortable to wear, our ballistic shin guards will add to your total body protection against projectiles and ammunition. Shown in photo is our ballistic groin, shin and thigh guards, each sold separately.

  • Ballistic Neck and Shoulder Protection

    New! Ballistic Neck and Shoulder Protection Level IIIA This universal fitting neck and shoulder protector provides level IIIA protection to the neck and shoulder. It can be worn under all vests which don’t provided this level of protection. The collar and shoulder straps use Velcro to conveniently secure it in place and it provides maximum comfort and protection.

  • Ballistic Shin Guards

    Ballistic Shin Guards (leg Armor) are rated threat Level IIIA and are designed to defeat 9mm FMJ, 124 grain at 427 m/s, .44 magnum, and 240 SWC gas check at 427 m/s.

    Two adjustable elastic and Velcro closures secure each shin guard to the leg. They are designed to give total movement with no restrictions.

    The ballistic material is Aramid, plain weave

  • ₦10,000

    Cut Resistance Gloves

  • ₦25,000

    Dupont Tychem CPF 3 Hazmat Suits, Model 610


    When you need chemical protection, consider DuPont Tychem garments. Tychem CPF 3 is a multi-layer barrier film laminated to a durable polypropylene substrate. Tychem CPF 3 is often the garment of choice by hazardous material response teams and other emergency services when potential exposure to chemical warfare agents exists. These strong, durable garments are used in industry to protect against a broad range of chemicals. Tychem CPF 3 provides protection against more than 149 chemical challenges. The tan color of Tychem CPF 3 makes it an excellent choice when there is a need for low visibility.

  • ₦15,000

    Impact Resistant Fingerless Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves

  • ₦10,000

    Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Paint Guard Respirator Mask + Eye Googles


    Brand new and high quality double cartridges respirator mask is designed to protect you from breathing in dust and fine powders, dual gas cartridges is useful during spray painting and organic vapors of low toxicity. Dual cartridge system can be replaced with different cartridges for acidic gases or other chemical vapors, the soft nose and mouth cover will fit all users. Dual strap system adjusts easily for comfort, Glasses size (L X W): Approx.7.4 x 3.14inch / 19 x 8cm Mask size (L X W): Approx.7.0 x 4.7inch / 18x 12cm Material PVC + Active Carbon + PC

  • ₦10,000

    iRainy Paracord Bracelet


    With 16 Piece Survival Gear Kit

  • ₦16,000

    Israeli Civilian Gas Mask w/ Nato Filter


    This mask is regarded as the benchmark gas mask for civilian protection. It is made of soft rubber and fits snuggly and comfortably protecting the face, eyes and respiratory system against various chemical and biological agents. These respirators protect the eyes, face, and respiratory tracts of adults and children over the age of eight.
    Issued by Israeli government to protect citizens of Israel from terrorist attacks
    Intended for use during the EVACUATION from a contaminated area
    Will filter out all Nuclear, Biological (Anthrax and Small Pox) and Chemical Agents
    Includes an NBC filter
    Filters last up to 8 hours depending on level of contamination
    New and never used – just shipped from Israel
    NATO approved
    Also available in a children’s size.