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Bulletproof Windbreaker Jacket level II Ballistic Protection

₦310,000 ₦260,000

Our Level III-A flight jackets are the highest self  protection you can buy in a soft body armor. This also helps in reducing blunt force trauma when hit with higher caliber rounds such as .357 and .44 Magnum rounds.
In high threat situations you want as much protection available to protect yourself. Having a good concealable jacket can save you or your clients life and allow you the ability to return fire in a fire fight.

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These are top quality flight jackets for great prices. Comfortable, Warm, Water and Wind Resistant These flight jackets are combat proven, N.I.J. ( National Institute of Justice) certified, durable and very protective. The BA 7912 is an excellent choice for a concealable bullet resistant flight jacket that will offer you years of protection and service.